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Welcome to the South & City College Birmingham Alumni Association…

If you attended Bournville College, South Birmingham College, City College Birmingham or South & City College Birmingham, we’ve got something exciting in store for you.

The South & City College Birmingham alumni association is now officially launched and you’re invited to be a part of it.

South & City College Birmingham & Friends is a vibrant online community dedicated to keeping its members connected. We’d like to invite all of our former learners, current learners and supporters from all of the colleges mentioned above to join us.

You can sign up to receive access to an exciting package of exclusive benefits like discounts, career advice and professional networking opportunities, free for life.

We want to inspire, engage and support our learners throughout their careers, as well as giving our friends the opportunity to support us and get involved with the alumni association.

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Not only this, but our aim is to use the knowledge and expertise of our many talented and successful learners to help our current students too. We’re immensely proud of our learners and we know that you have the power to help each other to achieve big things too.

Want to get involved? There are so many ways you can make a difference, both big and small, such as filling out a testimonial, speaking to current learners, hiring an apprentice and much more.

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We can’t do it without you. It takes moments to sign up and start engaging with an online community who have the power collectively to make a real difference to its members.

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Where do you fit into our history?

You might be wondering why so many different colleges are a part of the South & City College Birmingham alumni association. This is because the college as it stands today is part of a rich history of vocational education in Birmingham and the surrounding area, and has undergone a series of evolutions and mergers.

This is why if you attended Bournville College, South Birmingham College, City College Birmingham or South & City College Birmingham, we welcome you to sign-up for free today and start reaping the rewards.


Where did it all start?

For Bournville College, it all began in 1913 when the Cadbury brothers started a programme to provide education to their workers and the local population. Compulsory sports, English, Maths and Science classes began, and so did a tradition of revolutionary education provision.

In 1918, the rest of the country followed Cadbury’s example, when the 1918 Fisher Education Act made provision for vocational training for school leavers.

In 1949, Bournville College was officially named and in the same year made headlines after letting students choose their own curriculum, pioneering a concept that would change the future of vocational education and has continued to do so since.

For South and City College, it all started back in 1958 when the original college was built and was officially opened as Hall Green Technical College in 1961.

In 1993, after incorporation from the local education authority, South Birmingham College was born and 3 additional campuses were added to the portfolio – the 524 Centre on Stratford Road, Welby Construction Centre and the Trade Union Education Centre in Digbeth.

In 2017, the education map of Birmingham changed forever as South and City College Birmingham and Bournville College completed their much-anticipated merger, to form one of the biggest and best colleges in the country.
The new College is expected to provide education and training to over 22,000 students, employing around 1,200 staff. It will keep the current South and City and Bournville College brands and identities.,

The alumni association is part of this exciting new chapter for the College.

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