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Should you do a digital detox? 

  A digital detox is all about ‘switching off’ from the digital devices that have become such a big part of our daily lives, in favour of social interaction in the physical world and improved physical and mental health.    Technology has brought huge improvements to our lives, yet spending too much time in front [Read more…]

Most-valued soft skills in the workplace in 2019 and how to improve them  

   The latest data from LinkedIn has shown that the most in-demand skills for employers are increasingly including soft skills (Soft skills can be defined as personal qualities or traits that allow the individual to interact harmoniously and effectively with other people.)    So what are the most in-demand soft skills? And how can you improve yours?    [Read more…]

How to instantly improve your networking abilities with apps 

  Networking isn’t just useful when you’re looking for a job with a new company – it’s useful when moving up the career ladder in your own company too. It can also be used to expand your industry knowledge and become influential in your field.     What is networking really?    Career networking is simply making connections with people who [Read more…]